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    10 Things You Need to Know About Installing Carpet on Your Stairs

    A staircase can be a tricky area with which to deal when it comes to decor and furnishings. If you have one or more staircases within your home, then you may be seeking something to liven up those steps or add some features to the area. Installing carpet on stairs is one way to add to the aesthetic...
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    Reasons You’ll Adore Our Stain-proof, Heavy Residential Hermes Carpet Range

    At Top Carpets and Floors, you will find no lack of unyielding commitment to our appreciated customers. From the services we provide to the flooring solutions we supply, you can count on us to ensure only the best quality. One range we are proud to stock is the exceptional Hermes range from our...
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    8 Common Problems with Your Carpet Installation and How to Solve It

    Carpets are a beloved flooring solution across the globe. Even after trending for decades, wall-to-wall carpeting does not seem to lose any steam when it comes to being a favoured floor.
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    10 Myths and Truths About Carpets

    Beautiful and plush, wall-to-wall carpeting adds interest and an element of inviting comfort to any space.
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    Carpet Cleaning 101: How to Deal with Pet Hair, Stains and More

    Regardless of all your efforts, at one or another stage, the floor surface will be at the receiving end of an unpleasant incident. When that happens, you will wish you had completed a carpet cleaning 101 course.
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    Carpets vs Rugs: Your Questions Answered

    With both types of floor coverings having pros and cons, you may be wondering which flooring solution to choose for your particular application needs. We look at the differences, advantages and disadvantages of carpets vs rugs in terms of cost of installation, safety profiles, ease-of-maintenance,...
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    Carpet Underlay? Some Practical Advice from Experts

    Underlay is just as important as the carpet you choose. When you buy a flooring solution, you will notice that the supplier also adds a quote for the underlay underneath the floor covering. Although not visible, the underlay is essential. Don’t skip this part or compromise on the quality. Trust us...
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    Measuring for Wall-to-Wall Carpets? Some Maths to Help You Get It Right!

    Don’t you just hate it when you call for a quote on wall-to-wall carpets and the consultant asks, “How many square metres?”
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    Eco-Friendly Flooring: Carpet vs Vinyl vs Laminate?

    Eco-friendly flooring is not just a buzz phrase to impress business clients or dinner party guests. It is a commitment to healthier living and lower environmental impact. Something which is of the utmost importance now with COVID-19 affecting people across the globe. The challenge is to decide,...
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    Laminate Flooring vs Carpet: A Side-by-Side Comparison

    Do you face the laminate flooring vs carpet dilemma? What will it be? The choice comes down to your personal preferences, but reaching a final decision can be a lengthy process because both options offer immense style and elegance.
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