4 Types of Scratch-Resistant Flooring That Are Perfect for Your Kids and Pets

January 19, 2022

Homes with children and pets have many considerations. From keeping cleaning chemicals out of reach to ensuring those couch covers are on at all times, having little feet or paws about means extra measures must always be taken. One challenge for many households is finding floors that will cater to easy cleaning and maintenance while remaining durable and scratch-resistant.

Currently, on the market, there are endless options from which to choose, all boasting outstanding features and the ability to handle anything a busy toddler or excitable pet can throw at it. There are, however, a few kinds of flooring usually known for their durable and hard-wearing composition.

The Type of Flooring You Should Be Seeking

The wrong floor choices are going to set you up for a tough time when it comes to your lifestyle. When seeking a new flooring installation to cater to your home with children and pets, the following are top priorities:

  • Ultra-durability and scratch-resistant properties: Children are known for their rough-and-tumble play, and you will need a floor that can roll with the punches. Whether it's jogging with soccer cleats up the stairs or doing dance rehearsals in the living room, your floor should be up for the challenge. Pets, dogs, in particular, are known to scratch flooring surfaces such as hardwood with their nails, so a scratch-resistant product is a necessity.
  • Easy, breezy clean-up: If you have kids or pets in the house – or both – you will quickly grow accustomed to dirt, debris and mud being tracked through the front door. A stain-resistant floor that cleans up in a jiffy will save you a lot of time and money. Solutions such as hardwood flooring should therefore be avoided too.
  • Water-resistance: With younger children come spills from sippy cups, food messes and other accidents around the home. Pets can also have accidents on the floors or drip on the floors after being in the rain or playing in water. You will want to avoid flooring that absorbs water and is prone to moisture damage.
  • Underfoot comfort: Softer, warmer surfaces are better for babies and toddlers learning to crawl and walk.
  • Safety: Exceptionally hard and smooth surfaces will increase the chances of slipping and falling and make one more prone to injury when falling too. Flooring with padding or cushioning beneath it can help to absorb this impact.

Type 1: Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles are popular because they are so versatile. They can be used just about anywhere in the house, and best of all – they are affordable. There are endless styles from which to choose and a major draw is that they are completely waterproof. You will have no issues cleaning this product as it is installed by either glueing the planks down or snapping them in place with their “click-lock” grooves for a smooth and seamless finish. It is also considered a scratch-resistant flooring that won’t easily show scuffs and minor scrapes.

scratch-resistant floors that are perfect for kids and pets

Type 2: Wood Laminates

Wood laminates have been a popular choice in homes and businesses for the last few decades. It is a tried-and-tested solution that features superior durability and scratch-resistant properties. As a composite material made up of various layers, laminates mimic the look of wood easily, without the hefty price tag involved. This means that homeowners can still enjoy that luxurious, hardwood feel without the cost and the finicky upkeep involved. It is also more resistant to water damage than hardwood, which is a draw for many customers worldwide.

Type 3: Engineered Wood

If wood laminates are not authentic enough for you, and you still find yourself seeking genuine wood, you can always opt for engineered-wood flooring. Topped off with a real wood veneer, engineered wood gives the visual appeal of real hardwood – but with much more structural stability. This means it is not as quick to warp or buckle with accidental moisture spills (though these should still be cleaned up quickly). Many kinds also come with a scratch-resistant finish that can be sanded down and touched up if marks or scratches become too obvious.

Type 4: Vinyl Sheeting

Another vinyl option is vinyl sheeting, which is slightly less durable than luxury vinyl tiles, but more budget-friendly too. Made from materials similar to luxury vinyl tiles, you will still be getting a scratch-resistant installation that will last for years to come when properly maintained. It is installed as a single, rolled-out sheet, which means it is waterproof and there are no grooves that allow water to seep through. Installation can be difficult, however, so professional installations are recommended.

Alternative Option: Commercial-grade Carpeting

There is a misconception that carpeting stains easily and is difficult to clean in homes with children and pets. High-performance carpeting fares exceptionally well under heavy foot traffic and boasts stain-resistant properties. You also won’t need to worry about scratches or scuff marks, and clean-up is as easy as vacuuming and targeted stain control with carpet cleaner when an accident happens. The bonus here is that everyone in the home, even the family cat, will enjoy the soft, plush feel of a luxurious carpet in the living room.

For scratch-resistant products that will contribute to both the style and function of your household, don’t hesitate to consult us with your questions today. For your customised quote or any questions on scratch-resistant floors you may have, feel free to contact us here.