12 Luxury Vinyl Flooring FAQs (Answered)

February 15, 2022

We Answer 12 FAQs About Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Is your home in need of a flooring overhaul? Are you looking for something affordable, versatile, stylish and on-trend? Luxury vinyl tiles and planks (LVTs and LVPs) may be just what you are seeking. This flooring solution is sought-after in households across the world due to all the benefits it offers, and you too can enjoy the advantages in your own home. If you would like to learn more about luxury vinyl flooring, we answer 12 frequently asked questions below.

1. How is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Made?

Usually, luxury vinyl flooring is made up of several layers. These layers include a backing layer, a core layer, an image layer that features a realistic 3D print and a transparent wear layer. This wear layer is what gives each plank or tile its scratch- and UV-resistant properties.

2. What Kind of Designs Are Available?

Because it is available as both tiles and planks, customers are free to choose which look they prefer. There are also endless options available when it comes to shades, patterns, grains and even textures. This means that homeowners can install something that caters to their taste and complements their home décor.

3. How Durable are LVTs and LVPs?

Durability is a major concern for homeowners – especially those with small children or pets. Luxury vinyl flooring is thankfully known for its superior durability because of its top wear layer. This wear layer is resilient against damage such as scratches and dents, and higher-quality products will retain their original appearance for years to come.

4. How Closely Does It Resemble Natural Floors?

To the untrained eye, luxury vinyl flooring looks almost indistinguishable from natural materials. The image layer and textured surface convincingly mimic the look and feel of real hardwood, ceramic tile and natural stone. The bonus here is that it comes at a fraction of the price.

5. What Does an Installation Entail?

LVTs and LVPs can either be installed with an adhesive that glues each tile or plank down, or they can be installed as floating floors that click into place without any gluing. It is a complicated process that requires the preparation of one’s substrate floor to ensure a seamless installation. The final installation is only as good as the preparation of the subfloor, which is why this part cannot be skipped.

6. Can I Install LVTs on My Own?

While installation might not always be very complex, there is a lot to it and professional help is usually quicker and more affordable in the grand scheme of things. Very often, screeding is needed to level out the subfloor completely before any installation. The installers will also need to check the humidity levels and dimensions of the room to accurately install the product and ensure a final product that lasts for years.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

7. How Easy Are they to Clean and Maintain?

LVTs and LVPs are incredibly easy to look after because the wear layer is so resistant to staining. Sweeping and damp-mopping or wiping up spills and messes with a damp cloth is usually all it takes to ensure one’s floors stay clean. It is best to avoid harsh and abrasive chemicals when cleaning, and to ensure that dust and grime are cleaned often to avoid your floor looking dull.

8. Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Water-resistant?

The good news is that high-quality luxury vinyl flooring is usually virtually waterproof, and so it is a great addition to areas in the home with high moisture levels. It is possible for water damage to seep up from beneath your installation, however, which is why proper subfloor preparation is necessary.

9. Can They Be Used in Bathrooms?

LVTs are superb additions to bathrooms, kitchens, sculleries and laundry rooms where water build-up and humidity can be found. Many homeowners enjoy that it allows them to add that authentic “wood look” to these spaces, without the need to install real hardwood that will face water damage, warping and rotting.

10. How Economical Are LVTs?

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most cost-friendly products on the market – and the best part is that it doesn’t look cheap. Installation is also far more inexpensive than installing tile or hardwood floors, and replacing damaged planks and tiles is a lot easier and cost-friendly too. Depending on your needs, there is likely a product on the market that will suit your current budget.

11. Is it Comfortable Underfoot?

Luxury vinyl flooring is known for being one of the most comfortable kinds of floors. It has some cushioning to it that slightly absorbs impacts while walking, which makes each step softer. This also makes it quieter – a valuable addition in homes with children and animals. Due to its layers, it is slightly warmer to the touch too, which is ideal during those colder months.

12. Where Can I find a Stylish Range for My Home?

We at Top Carpets and Floors are currently home to a world-class range of luxury vinyl flooring options for sale. Whether you are seeking something striking and bold, or muted and timeless, we can help you find the right option.

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