Top 5 Flooring Trends For 2022

February 01, 2022

The Top 5 Flooring Trends For 2022 Are In – Take a Look

Thanks to modern technology, we currently have more options for the floors we choose than ever before! This gives property owners the freedom to personalise their surroundings in a way that suits them best. At Top Carpets and Floors, we understand the need for trendy, stylish and memorable floor coverings that amplify the beauty of a room. It is our mission to provide customers with a selection that is not just in vogue, but that complements their lifestyle and budget too. We stay abreast of flooring trends to bring you high-quality designs that effortlessly blend into any home or office to create an inspired, harmonious look. With our ears close to the ground when it comes to the international and local market, we know precisely what’s hot and what’s not this coming season.

1. Function Comes First

Floors form part of both the décor of a space, as well as the infrastructure. We need durable and hard-wearing floors in our homes and businesses, and it helps if they look great too. For many, the major question pertaining to choosing a floor is whether form or function comes first. In the past, it was common for individuals to opt for aesthetics above practicality, rendering certain spaces unusable for everyday purposes. Modern flooring trends don’t sacrifice looks, fortunately. It is now possible to prioritise finding floors that are tough and built to last, without compromising on style. Our sought-after ranges, for example, do a superb job of catering to heavy-duty requirements while looking great for years.

2. Faux Wood Flooring Remains King

Solid wood floors will always be a popular choice as they are luxurious and create a natural, warm feel throughout a space. The downsides, however, are that installation is expensive, the wood is susceptible to water damage and maintenance is sometimes tricky. It is also not very environmentally friendly because of how much wood each plank consists of. Faux wood options such as laminates, luxury vinyl tiles and engineered wood have therefore become much more viable solutions for many property owners. Not only are they cost-friendly, but these products fair well under wear and tear and resist moisture damage better. Another bonus is that they are easier to replace when new flooring trends come along. Waterproof and eco-friendly options are big this coming season, and faux wood floors offer these features.

3. That Rustic, Weathered Look

The bleached wood look was popular a few years back, where everyone was whitewashing their wooden furniture with chalk paint and enjoying a French vintage aesthetic. The 2022 season seems to re-embrace this trend with soft, beached-wood hues emerging. We are also seeing laminates, luxury vinyl tiles, and engineered wood displaying hand-scraped, wire-brushed and distressed wood designs. This creates a weathered and rustic look that gives one’s floors much more character and depth. It’s an aesthetic that suits any kind of interior décor – from classic homes that feature timeless furnishings, to more country-style properties that boast the best of farm living.

Flooring Trends

4. You Choose Your Hues

In terms of colour, flooring trends are becoming less rigid and more about what individuals want for themselves. The market is therefore saturated with designs in every imaginable shade of stain and grain. Smokey, cool greys are popular right now, but so are warm honeyed hues and copper tones. High colour variation between flooring planks creates a lot of depth too and contributes to that natural, rustic feel some people are after. Many people no longer seek seamless uniformity in colour, but rather some inconsistencies and contrasts in their installation.

5. Minimalism is Out, Maximalism is In

Forget “less is more” – in 2022, more is more. Flooring trends are following interior design in this regard, and we are seeing an uptick in daring, patterned carpeting and striking rugs. Certain plank installation patterns are making a comeback too, such as herringbone or parquet using engineered wood, laminates or luxury vinyl. While some may feel hesitant to install vibrant, wall-to-wall carpeting that steals the show, maximalism fully embraces boldness and a design that makes a statement.

Another new trend that creates the feel of more space in a room (perfect for places dripping in maximalist décor) is wide-plank flooring. Wide planks make a room appear more spacious and open, which offers the opportunity for more furnishings and decorative accessories.

Factors that Will Influence Your Choice

A few decades ago, people were restricted with the floor options available on the market. These days, the variety is so wide, that the latest flooring trends include several options for any lifestyle needs. Before purchasing a product based on current trends, one must first consider a few aspects, including:

  • The available budget and finding a high-quality option within this range.
  • What the space entails, such as the dimensions of the room, available lighting and where it is situated in the home or office.
  • Upkeep and cleaning requirements of the product.
  • The durability of the design and how well it fares under foot traffic.
  • Personal preferences when it comes to style, even if they are no longer trends.

Trust Us to Assist You

Our specialist knowledge of the upcoming season’s flooring trends will assist you in making the right choice for your home. From selecting a product to installation, we will be there every step of the way.

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