Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

June 08, 2021

With luxury vinyl flooring being the new buzz phrase in interior remodelling, you may wonder “what exactly is the deal”? Read on to discover why it is a superb floor choice, what you need to consider before you buy, and which brands stand out. Also see the links to examples of luxury homes featuring this amazing surface covering and, finally, use the tool to visualise how each type and colour will look in the room and home-style of choice.

9 Reasons Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is a Superb Choice

Luxury vinyl flooring, whether the planks or tiles, are popular floor covering solutions in South Africa. Below are the reasons for the popularity of this floor covering.

1. Waterproof floor for spill-prone areas

As one of the most resilient flooring solutions in South Africa, vinyl also boasts superb water resistance. This makes vinyl tiles and planks well-suited for installation in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. Because the modern types available are hard-wearing, you can install them in all areas of the home.

2. Low maintenance means lower cost and less work

Want a floor surface that doesn’t require a lot of work to keep in tip-top condition? Then you will love the low maintenance associated with luxury vinyl. A dry wipe or damp cloth wash is sufficient to keep its brilliance.

3. Stain-resistant flooring for kitchens

Oil, coffee and other liquids are often spilt in the kitchen, but this is not a problem with luxury vinyl as it has a protective wax layer that helps to keep it stain- and scratch-free.

4. Friendly on the budget

The entry-level products are well-priced. It is far more affordable than hardwood and ceramic floors. Luxury vinyl plank floors price from as little as R200 per square metre (supply only).

luxury vinyl flooring bedroom

5. Perfect for improved safety

If you want a floor surface that is also slip-resistant, then you will love this product. In addition, it doesn’t have small openings or grout in between where debris and pet hairs can collect. This gives it the thumbs-up for a hygienic and safe surface, especially where it counts, such as in the bathroom or kitchen.

6. Eco-friendly surface

Want to meet sustainable building standards? Then you cannot ask for better than luxury vinyl as the product is made 100% of synthetic materials.

7. Durability for longer-lasting functionality

Forget about having to replace the floor surface every couple of years. Despite heavy traffic, this product can last several years, proven by the superb product and installation guarantees available.

8. Huge selection

When it comes to a wide range of options, vinyl beats other floor surfaces. With choices ranging from luxury vinyl tiles and planks to sheets and cushioned vinyl, you can select the flooring option best suited to your application needs. An extensive range of patterns, textures, shapes and sizes makes it possible to create a unique, but stylish interior.

9. The relative ease of installation

In comparison with ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring products, luxury vinyl flooring is relatively easy to install. However, professional installation is recommended because specific factors must be addressed such as:

  • Sub-surface must be level (only 3 mm variance allowed).
  • The planks or tiles must be left in the room where to be installed for at least 48 hours to allow for acclimation.
  • The floor surface cannot be installed in regions where excessive temperature fluctuations are experienced.
  • You may have to apply a self-levelling mix to the sub-floor to ensure it is level before installation of the vinyl tiles or planks.
  • Planks must be trimmed to fit the installation area.
  • It is possible for the adhesive to underperform if the sub-floor suffers from moisture issues.

Important Buying Considerations

Keep in mind that the luxury vinyl planks can move slightly, making them a less than desirable floor option if you have an elderly or disabled person who uses a wheelchair to get around. The slight movement can make it is difficult to move the wheelchair.  Also, keep in mind that you need to protect the surface against sunlight as excessive exposure can cause it to fade. Installation can only be done if the sub-floor is level as a maximum of 3 mm variance is allowed.

The thickness of the luxury vinyl plank is indicative of the traffic it can take. Proper underlay can help to cushion the noise factor. To this end, you must also factor in the cost of an underlay when you browse for flooring solutions. The floor covering comes in thickness ranging from 2 mm upwards. The thinner the vinyl, the easier it will break or damage because of heavy furniture pieces and high traffic volumes. You want a thicker type if you want more noise and foot pressure cushioning. The thicker types also offer more stability.

You can expect the floor covering to last ten or more years. It is thus important to buy from a well-established supplier and a manufacturing brand known for keeping to their warranty promises. Note that the product warranty is carried by the manufacturer and not the supplier in South Africa. The installation warranty is carried by the supplier installation company.

Quality varies according to the brand, even among expensive types. To this end consider the thickness and grading of the flooring in addition to the brand name. Trusted brand names include the likes of:

Elegant Homes Featuring Luxury Vinyl Flooring

You may be wondering how the luxury vinyl flooring looks in elegant homes. An example is the mid-size living space remodelled to include a vinyl floor. View this blog post for 12 stunning examples of what is possible with vinyl plank flooring.

Want to See More?

Make use of the Room Visualiser to see how each floor option looks in an elegant home setting. Choose the room, product, colour, interior style and layout to get an idea of which luxury vinyl flooring solution will work best with your specific application needs.

If you're looking to understand a little more about what goes into the pricing of flooring, take a look at our comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision for your flooring needs. 

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