You Know What You Get When You Choose Top Carpets and Floors as Your Installer

August 10, 2021

When selecting new floors for your home or business, choosing the brand, range and hue of the product is only the first step. After this happens, you will need to have your chosen option installed – a process many people underestimate, especially for large projects. Hiring contractors also offer no guarantee that your flooring installation will turn out the way you want it to, and DIY installations are often far more involved than what many homeowners realise.

At Top Carpets and Floors, not only do our highly trained team of experts possess in-depth knowledge of the products in our range, but they can assist you with your flooring installation needs too, no matter the kind of project you would like handled.

Why We Do Not Recommend DIY Projects

When done right, DIY flooring installation does save on money and can be tackled according to the homeowner’s own schedule. Online tutorials and training guides, however, make the process seem deceptively easy, and, unfortunately, too many people find themselves in over their heads once they start. A do-it-yourself project can also quickly turn into a more expensive endeavour when you take into account the time and tools needed to complete the task. There is also the risk that you make expensive mistakes during the installation that will cost money to fix later.

It is not uncommon for us to get calls from customers who are dealing with botched projects due to unprofessional contractors or bad online guidance. In such cases, professional assistance is needed to help rectify the situation. Because the risk of overlooking issues such as water damage, underlay covers, proper subfloor preparation and accurate measurements is so high, it is a wiser option to have your flooring professionally installed from the start.

Our R1 Million Flooring Installation Guarantee

We believe in the products we approve and want to give you the peace of mind that you can believe in them too. Our R1 million installation guarantee is therefore a commitment to our valued customers that we do not compromise on quality and the highest standards. All members of the Top Carpets and Floors group must adhere and conform to flooring installation procedures as set out by the manufacturers and suppliers of these products. Should a customer not be 100% satisfied with the performance of one of our members,  impartial adjudication of the dispute will be allowed. We reserve the right to include external expertise in determining the merits and plausibility of the dispute, and, if found at fault, we will rectify or replace the installation to the value of up to R1 million (subject to Terms and Conditions). This guarantee applies to all domestic installations only, with the product in question being one approved by Top Carpets and Floors.

A Two-year Installation Guarantee

We have ample confidence in the abilities of our expert installers and ensure that going the extra mile for each customer is standard practice. We, therefore, reassure customers of our expertise by offering a two-year domestic flooring installation guarantee, subject to the approved product being correctly maintained and treated.

Flooring Installation

The 10-day Colour Replacement Guarantee

We are in the business of striking appeal and stunning aesthetics, and we know that sometimes homeowners may wish to change their mind about the shade of the product they have chosen. We, therefore, offer a 10-day colour replacement guarantee which allows our customers to replace their current colour with another hue in the same product range, provided the installation’s condition is still pristine. The only thing you pay for is the fitting and return of the incorrectly chosen product. Selected products only.

Healthier Living Installations

A sought-after service that we offer is our Healthier Living Installations initiative. This is a Bio Guard Pro, anti-microbial, pre-installation treatment. This means that before any flooring is installed, we will ensure the area is thoroughly disinfected and significantly protected against bacteria, mould, mildew and allergens. We also use a 100% moisture-resistant Spillguard underlay to protect the product. Our deep-clean and sanitisation services fall under the requirements set out by law to cover COVID-19 sanitisation standards. Customers who wish to have their home or business deep-cleaned or sanitised can contact us for details.

We Take Precautions to Protect You

The safety of our customers is of immense importance to us, and we ensure to put measures in place that protect our clientele. All our installation teams have police clearance, and we will send you photographs of your team a day before your flooring installation, so you know whom to expect. We also take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and make sure that our staff undergo temperature checks and screenings each morning, as well as follow essential hygiene protocols such as sanitising their tools and equipment and wearing masks at all times.

With us, you can also be sure that your property is respected. We will only move furniture and items at your request and leave all areas in which we have worked in the same condition as we found them.

When you use us as a preferred service provider, you know that you can expect a flooring installation that is quick, seamless and professional. For more information on our guarantees, products and services 👉 contact us today.