Summertime: The Brand-new Top Carpets Designer LVT Collection Has Just Launched!

July 29, 2021

When stepping into a new room, you are likely to notice aspects of the area such as décor, lighting or how well the space flows. What makes this aesthetic possible, however, is the canvas upon which this space exists. Wall colour is an important factor here, but the flooring is what really sets the mood. Of course, some flooring options are a better indication of luxury than others, such as stone and wood flooring - but these solutions tend to be exorbitantly priced and sometimes require specialised upkeep. Fortunately, one product within our range not only beautifully emulates real wood flooring but offers this opulence at a fraction of the price - luxury vinyl tile (LVT). To top it off, we have introduced a stunning new designer LVT range to our line, the Summertime collection.

What is LVT Flooring?

Even if you have never heard of luxury vinyl tiles, LVT flooring is present everywhere. In high-traffic areas such as businesses, retail stores, accommodation and even airports where wooden floors are impractical, luxury vinyl tiles are usually used because of how durable they are and how well they replicate the surface of wood.

Manufacturing LVT happens in a five-stage process and understanding how it is made allows a new appreciation for how accurately this flooring option mimics real wood. This process is as follows:

  • Stage 1 - Development of the product: During this stage, manufacturers research ways to improve upon old designs, and utilise a mix of raw materials (including polyvinyl chloride resins and calcium carbonate) to find out which blend of components works best.
  • Stage 2 - Calendering the sheets: Once the compound is mixed, calendering machines press the compound into a continuous sheet by using heat and pressure. This sheet is then sent to cool down and set. This process determines the width and thickness of the sheets.
  • Stage 3 - Laminating the layers: Heat and pressure is once again used to bond various layers of the product together, in a process known as lamination. Each layer serves its own purpose, such as indentation resistance, sound absorption, a 3D visual layer for a realistic feel and the wear layer which is a major determining factor in how long an LVT will last.
  • Stage 4 - Applying texture: It’s not enough for LVT products to merely resemble wood, they require texture to add an element of depth and authenticity. In this stage, engraved rollers emboss the design with the desired texture. After texture is created, a scratch-and-scuff topcoat is applied as a final finish. The luxury vinyl tiles are then placed into an oven that raises their temperature and alleviates tension between the layers. Once removed from the oven, the planks are taken out to cool down and then palletised.
  • Stage 5 - Quality control: The palletised LVT slabs are kept in a moisture-free, air-controlled area that ensures temperature remains the same during storage, and this keeps each product uniform. Each slab is then inspected to ensure it meets strict quality standards.

Impressed? Say Hello to Our Summertime Collection

The latest addition to our extensive range here at Top Carpets is our phenomenal Summertime collection. This magnificent collection boasts beautiful beach-themed decors that inspire nostalgic memories of sea, sun and fun. This line of LVT flooring is also perfect for any home or commercial space. The discerning buyer who invests in this designer collection is privy to some ideal benefits too.

lvt flooring


Wood flooring is pleasing to the eye in any room, but unfortunately, it cannot withstand much moisture or humidity. This is because the porous nature of wood means it absorbs moisture easily, which may cause it to swell, warp or buckle. With our elegant and water-resistant Summertime products, however, you can install your LVT flooring in spaces such as living rooms, as well as kitchens and bathrooms too.

Durability for High-traffic Areas

There is not much point in investing in a gorgeous wood flooring solution if it isn’t going to last. Our Summertime collection, however, comes with a lifetime residential warranty and is both scratch- and impact-resistant.

Ultra-comfortable Feel

The Summertime collection was developed with your comfort in mind. That is why they provide a quieter, softer, and warmer feel underfoot than most floating floors available on the market today.

Perfect for Homes with Children and Pets

Many households with small children or pets compromise on their flooring because they are afraid to invest in a quality product that may be ruined by messes, stains and playtime. Our Summertime collection, fortunately, can handle these challenges with style.

Clean-up and Maintenance Has Never Been Easier

Speaking of messes – clean-up is a jiffy. Our Summertime products can be swept like normal tiles and can be wiped clean with a damp to dry micro-fibre cloth or mop. Maintaining them is as simple as protecting them from direct sunlight and refraining from using harsh chemicals, cleaners and abrasives.

Currently, this summer-style-inspired range is available in the Western and Southern Cape regions of South Africa, but shipping to other regions may be possible at an additional cost.

If you would like to find out more about what this collection can do for your home or how to set up a quote, click 👉 here to contact us today.