3 Reasons Why Top Carpets Is the Right Choice for Your Commercial Flooring Needs

September 22, 2021

We usually pay very little attention to the floors when we step into a public building, business, or institution. In fact, we probably do not notice how much of an effect a type of floor can have on everything – from the ambience and aesthetic of a room, to how one feels being in it.

Here at Top Carpets and Floors, however, we are in the business of understanding how important commercial flooring is, both in style and function. Partnering with us for your commercial flooring needs means that you can find a solution best suited to your requirements and avoid costly future mistakes.

If you are currently seeking a supplier and professional installer for your commercial setting, then there are three, main reasons why we are the right choice.

1. You Can Trust Our Industry Experience

Formed in 1988, the Top Carpets and Floors group quickly evolved from strength to strength because of the growing need in the market for superior flooring solutions. We know that your floors are a massive investment, especially in a commercial context, and that there are many hidden risks involved when making such a purchase.

We, however, are committed to assisting valued customers when it comes to making informed choices. Over three decades, we have built a reliable name for our brand, and our loyal clientele trusts us to partner with them – from the process of selecting the right product to a perfect installation.

We are industry leaders, always at the forefront with our innovative ranges that cater to every style preference and practical need, and you will be hard-pressed to find another supplier as determined to offer satisfaction as we are.

2. Professional and Efficient Services

We know that having a knowledgeable team by your side to take the hassle out of your installation is invaluable.

Whether you need us to create a custom quote for you or install your newly selected commercial flooring solution, our set of services make the process of investing in flooring a breeze. Over 100 000 new installations each year are testament to the fact that our customers know they can count on us for superb quality, every time.

We have also serviced high profile commercial clients over the years and can take on any job, large or small. Creating liveable, functional, beautiful spaces is what we are passionate about, and we will pay close attention to your needs as a customer every step of the way.

3. A Wide Range of Commercial Flooring

Commercial floors are very different to residential floors. Generally, they will endure much more demanding conditions than a house would. These solutions must be durable, hardwearing, scratch- and stain-resistant, and fair well under potential exposure to moisture.

When thinking of commercial flooring, many people assume that it needs to look drab to be durable. This could not be further from the truth, however.

Our range of commercial-grade products is proof that just because something is tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, it does not need to be an eyesore. As a proud supplier of top-quality carpets, wood laminates, luxury vinyl tiles, and other kinds of commercial flooring, we can assist you with a vast range of options from which to choose.

Commercial Flooring

The Various Industries We Have Serviced

Under the umbrella of commercial settings, there are various kinds of industries we service. We understand that no two businesses or institutions are alike, and we ensure we stock a range that caters to various functional requirements. These industries include some of the following:

  • The retail sector: Shops, stores, and boutiques – all of these require a solution that can handle large numbers of people while remaining easy to clean and maintain.
  • Hospitality and accommodation: In this sector, top-notch quality and visually pleasing products are needed. Commercial flooring here needs to look welcoming and luxurious.
  • Offices and corporate spaces: Design-conscious products are important here, as they will cater to workers and clients. These solutions are often seamless, aesthetically pleasing, with anti-slip and easy-to-clean features.
  • The healthcare sector: Floors that are easy to keep hygienic and that dampen noise and have anti-slip properties are a must in the healthcare sector. This sector also requires a calm, tranquil aesthetic that caters to the wellbeing of people who see it.
  • The education sector: Impact-, scratch- and stain-resistance are important for educational institutions that see a lot of foot traffic.
  • Dining establishments and eateries: Hygiene is prioritised for dining establishments and keeping floors clean and stain-free is essential. You will also need a product with a higher degree of moisture resistance or one that is waterproof.
  • The recreational and fitness industry: Impact- and abrasion-resistant commercial flooring that reduces noise and is easy to maintain is important. Health and safety are a major consideration for this sector.

If you are seeking flooring tough enough to handle just about any setting, then our range will certainly have something for you. Durable carpeting, versatile wood laminates or even waterproof luxury vinyl tiles are all options for you, and we will help you assess which products and style will work best.

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