5 Reasons our Legacy Ranges are perfect for you

February 23, 2021

Choosing the right floor for your unique needs may seem like the most daunting task. You are not the only one! Facing the risk of choosing the wrong colour, not to mention the right solution for your home, office or commercial property can cause a great deal of anxiety.

This is why we brought out an entire range of Wood Laminates to suit every pocket and every flooring challenge: our LEGACY RANGE which consists of FOUR ranges.



1. THREE out of the four ranges have been certified as ANTIBACTERIAL flooring and we are very proud to offer these products as Healthy Floor solutions.

2. TWO out of the four ranges are WATER RESISTANT -  a Superior Water Resistant Core ensures these laminates are ideal for kitchens and commercial use. In addition Legacy Wood Laminates are easy to clean and maintain. 

3. ONE range is ECO-FRIENDLY  - With unique patterning technology that uses non-solvent water-based inks, which contain no heavy metals, making this product more environmentally friendly. It also has an E1 rated formaldehyde content, and is 100% bio-degradable which means it does not emit any toxic fumes on combustion.

4. ONE range is BUDGET FRIENDLY and ideal for starter homes. All four ranges are affordable choices.

5. THREE of the four are suited for MEDIUM COMMERCIAL use making it perfect for high traffic areas in any home or office. One of the four is perfect for HEAVY COMMERCIAL use - perfect for schools, hospitality and commercial properties.

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